The sponsors of this year's event have agreed to provide a writer-friendly atmosphere for the duration of NaNoWriMo (and beyond) in their places of business.

They have furthermore offered to pitch in and reward participants and winners with t-shirts to commemorate the event.

Sponsors will have sign-in sheets at each scheduled event. Participants are encouraged to sign in at each event for attendance purposes.

Sponsors are encouraged, but not required, to have Write-In specials for official Write-In events. They are also asked to be understanding if not all of the writers at an event can afford to purchase products at their establishment. Those who can, will do so, and bring friends back with them.

Sponsors will also have access to the Pinterest board in the Event Gallery. Pictures of events are encouraged!

This year's main Write-In location sponsors are:

Agape Coffeehouse
Belly Buster
Second & Vine
Tower House Coffee
Weiser Classic Candy
Willowcreek Store and Cafe