Local Event

Our event runs in parallel to NaNoWriMo, but is in no other way affiliated with NaNoWriMo.org. You are free to register with them, or not. They have excellent discounts on products for writers for participants and winners that you may want to take advantage of.

We can link to participants' NaNoWriMo profiles on this site if you forward the link to us. Contact me at cchollaway@live.com.

Our reward program this year will consist of a T-shirt provided by the sponsoring businesses. T-shirts will be made by Idaho Custom Design in Weiser following the event and verification of participation via collection of sign-in sheets.

Of the target nine sponsoring businesses, six are awesome places to write. The remaining three are the print shop, the SBDC, and the home of a local author. Those three will, of course, not be on the required list for qualifying.

Qualifying for the free shirt will consist of either making it to a Write-In event at each of the other six locations, or participation at five locations for ten or more events. This ensures a decent spread of event traffic to all of the businesses, and great motivation for the writers.

Sponsors will be notified of the number of qualified participants at that time. Participants not meeting the minimum attendance requirements may still purchase t-shirts on their own from Idaho Custom Design. Sponsors should submit the logo designs they wish to be included on the t-shirts by the end of November.